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THE LEGEND RETURNS! I am proud to announce the return of VD. For the third time, this guild is bringing back all the old bros to shit on some dragons and stuff! We always raid 25M and we always push heroics so please look up more if you're interested. Remember that we love hearing from oldfags and so if you're reading this? you are REQUIRED to get a hold of us or post in the public forums just to say hello  XD. Be sure to inquire about raiding with us if you're interested. We're actively putting the pieces back together on a daily basis so you'll have to talk with somebody in vent about how things are going. Returning names include Ragemasta, Foto, Antiel, Reliox (Dwarama), Imajjii, Bigtarsted, Veliex, Gaytheos, and others. Including VD1.0fags like Thrystt and Radical. This should be much easier to get off the ground than VD2.0 was. Also, we've done it twice so far....Are you really going to doubt us? #DATADARAH. More motivating than you know.

Tohk, Vel Dawlo GM, December 1st, 2006 through current
Alan Dutko
586-764-7537  Port: 51196

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